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Play until you drop

Welcome to the Gameroomb> - the place where games begin and adventures are written! Here you have the power to shape the gaming world according to your wishes. Choose from a wide range of captivating games such as "31", "Zog-Zog", "Fröggel" and "Poker". Each game has its own universe full of challenges.

Whether you want to start a new game, join existing games or master ongoing games - the Gameroom is the nerve center where strategists clash, bluffers prove themselves and true masters are born. Here you will not only win Zox, our coveted currency, but also the respect of your fellow players.

Prepare yourself for epic duels, tactical masterpieces and unforgettable moments. The Gameroom is your stage and the games are waiting for you to tackle them. Get ready for a journey full of excitement and unforgettable victories!

Programmed and designed with and in Germany, Japan and New Zealand
© zigzox.com, Zimmer & Hülsmann GbR
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