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ZoX Poker

ZoX Poker is a poker game with 52 hands.

You play poker alone and increase or spend your ZoX fortune.

ZoX Poker is a ZigZox live game. This means that as soon as you close the browser tab/window, the current round ends immediately and the remaining balance is automatically credited to your account.

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!How Zox poker works


You initially get 5 playing cards and you can keep as many of them as you want.

After the exchange of cards, you win from a hand with at least one twin (from Jack, Queen, King, Ace).

Profit table (NOCH ANPASSEN!)

Pair1 x insert
2 pairs2 x insert
Street2 x insert
Three of a kind3 x insert
Full House4 x insert
Flush4 x insert
Four of a kind10 x insert
Royal Flush20 x insert
Programmed and designed with and in Germany, Japan and New Zealand
© zigzox.com, Zimmer & Hülsmann GbR
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